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When Good Knees Go Bad

If you read How Healthy Knees Work, then you have a good idea of how knees are supposed to function. When everything is working right, there is no pain, but what about when good knees go bad? Well, then you usually have pain. Pain is a signal that something is wrong and you need to […]

LDH blood test

If your doctor feels that you are having high LDH levels he prescribes you the LDH blood test. Don’t worry it just takes few seconds to prick your finger with needle and have some amount of blood for LDH test. LDH is the name of an isoenzyme found in your blood called Lactate dehydrogenase. This […]

Identifying Tilted Uterus Symptoms

Identifying tilted uterus symptoms is important for any woman as this is a condition which might create a problem for them during pregnancy. The initial symptoms of tilted uterus can be spotted easily and in the earlier stages, it can be adjusted through simple exercises and physical activity. However, if the condition of tilted uterus […]

The Ugly Orange Tongue Coating

The ugly orange tongue coating can be a reason for embarrassment for several people and removing it is the first priority of many. The presence of a yellow color tongue not only makes your oral hygiene poor but it also leads to bad breath and several other problems. In a nutshell, a yellow tongue is […]

Gabapentin side effects – General Information

Gabapentin is also known by its brand name as Neurontin. This medicine is meant to be administered in variety of dosages that are packaged in packs of 50/ml, 800mg, 400mg, 300mg, and 100mg. the 50/ml is found in liquid formula but the rest are all capsules. This medicine is usually known for its usage as […]

Blood Test Codes

A blood test is done by taking a sample of blood from your body and the test is done in a laboratory. There is an extensive range of uses of the blood tests and is used to assess your general health, confirm presence of viral or bacterial infection, know the functioning of liver and kidneys […]

What Causes Bleeding Hemorrhoids?

Hemorrhoids are a very common condition and not one that is new.At least one out of every five people will develop hemorrhoids at some point in their life.There are different types of hemorrhoids, the worst situation being when a person finds they have bleeding hemorrhoids.Typically the person will notice the blood more while they are […]

Do People With An STD Date Responsibly?

If you are infected with any STD (sexually transmitted disease), STD dating will need to be done with extreme care, honesty, and responsibility. While going to dinner and a movie is not going to be life threatening for either of you, there may be some complications that you will have to take into consideration as […]

Flexeril Cyclobenzaprine during Pregnancy

Flexeril or also known as Cyclobenzaprine is known to be a muscle relaxant and helps people who are suffering from skeletal and muscle pains. But there are already different people who are asking whether they can still take the medication even when they are now pregnant. This is an important issue to tackle since the […]

Extra Valium Dosage, Symptoms And Treatment

Valium can only bought with prescription but can be taken with or without food intake. However, before medication, always discuss to your health care provider all your medical conditions since it might have adverse effects on your current health condition. Valium is excreted mainly by the kidneys so patients with kidney problems are given lower […]