Yellow Diarrhea

The health of a person can be determined by a lot of tell tale signs. The discoloration of a person’s skin, fingernails or eyeballs may hint of something medically wrong with a person. The yellowing of the skin, fingernails and eyeballs may indicate a person suffering from hepatitis. Even the color of your poop or […]

Eye Stye Treatment

Welcome……your source for everything related to dealing with eye styes and eye stye treatment. If you are on this site then you or someone you know most likely either currently has a stye or has suffered from styes in the past. As someone who gets styes fairly often, I can sympathize with what you are […]

How contagious is strep throat

How contagious is Strep throat? The most asked question besides how contagious is Strep throat is what is strep throat, the cause, and the symptoms? Strep throat is a bacterial infection in the throat causing a severe soreness in the throat. Symptoms of Strep throat begin 2 to 5 days after exposure to someone with […]

How To Get An Ultrasound Technician Certification In USA

A certification in any field is a guarantee of standards pertaining to the requirements of that given field. When it comes to getting work, all employers will seek some kind of a certification. Similarly, an ultrasound technician certification is necessary for any individual who wishes to make a career as an ultrasound technician. An ultrasound […]

Preventing Vaginal Yeast Infections

Vaginal yeast infections are suffered by more than 50% of women during their lifetime. It is one of the most common vaginal infections. While taking steps to cure a yeast infection is commendable in order to prevent this treatable condition from escalating especially with a weakened immune system, it is always important to remember that […]

The Benefits of Meatless Meals

You don’t have to become a vegetarian to eat meatless meals. Whether you plan to stop eating meat eventually or just want a healthier regimen, consider these reasons to include more meatless meals in your weekly diet. Cut down on calories Fatty cuts of meat, particularly pork and beef, are often cheaper than the leaner […]

Quick Meatless Monday Menu Ideas

The entire concept of Meatless Monday is not something which on the face of it will appeal to everyone. You may be one of the many who thinks that a meal without meat is a meal without quality, taste or substance. While this can often be true, there are many ways in which you can […]

Why Food Trucks are Popular

Simply put, a food truck is a vehicle that has been custom-made to serve food and drink. Some trucks stay in one location all the time, whereas others move from place to place, perhaps visiting different events as necessary throughout the year. In some cities, such as Los Angeles, food trucks have become so popular […]

An Excellent Restaurant in the little French Town of Honfleur

Before visiting Honfleur, Normandy, for the day I looked at a French review website to see if there were any reviews of restaurants in the town. All I found, however, was a piece of advice that recommended avoiding the restaurants on the waterfront, which it described as ‘tourist traps’, and seeking out a restaurant in […]

What to do with just a Bagel

It’s lunch time. You’re at home and looking through the cabinets for something to eat when all of a sudden you come across a bagel. Now that’s certainly interesting, but you stop and wonder. What could you possibly do with a bagel for lunch? Well the answer is plenty of things. A bagel is much […]