Here is a day for my broken ankle. No crutches today!!!   I was able to take Lou on a short walk and without a crutch.  That is great news but also means I will be returning to work sooner that I had hoped!!!!  It may feel good to get out of the house and go to work!!!!

Yesterday I made my first trip to the grocery store since having got my broken pinky toe here the proper treatment option I recommended you read.   I used one crutch and carried a basket.   I made sure I only bought what I could carry.   It has been over 5 months since I went to the store.   Things are really looking up.   I bought a bottle of wine to celebrate and splurged on a good one!!!!!!  I think I will do more of the same tonight.

Now I need to begin the massive clean-up of the house!!!!  Things do start to fall apart when there is no one to clean up after me.  Maybe I should hold up on going back to work.

Now for the bad news.  I must see a Doctor in order to return to work.   Should I go to my first bad Doctor or to my second bad Doctor.   I will ponder this today and call one of them.   The Medical Bills are piling up.  Maybe I will pick the one I owe the least amount of money!!!!!

It is so amazing that since I stopped listening to the advice of  “specialist” I have been improving every day!!!  Went to the store without a crutch and walked the dog!!!!  These are great accomplishments.

If anyone needs a wheelchair, boot, knee brace, walker (with wheels) or crutches let me know.  I will be happy to give them away!!!!!  The sooner the better.

Looking on the bright side of things FALL is my favorite season and a good time for walks and being outside, flannel shirts and fireside chats in the hood.    I missed both SPRING and SUMMER but I will have fall.   Hopefully I will not fall!!!!

The only down side of all of this is I will eventually have to return to work.  I figure as soon as I loose the limp and can jog that will be when I return.

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