Identifying Tilted Uterus Symptoms

Identifying tilted uterus symptoms is important for any woman as this is a condition which might create a problem for them during pregnancy. The initial symptoms of tilted uterus can be spotted easily and in the earlier stages, it can be adjusted through simple exercises and physical activity. However, if the condition of tilted uterus gets a bit out of the hand then you would have to get a proper surgical procedure done to take care of it. Through these symptoms of tilted uterus, you would be able to identify the severity of the problem and would be able to take the right steps for resolution. Here is a list of the most common symptoms which might impact your body.

Tilted Uterus and Back Pain

The relationship between the tilted uterus and back pain is quite old and this is considered to be the most common type of symptom. You would find that most women who have a bad case of tilted uterus experience severe back pain. This is mainly because of the fact that blood gets trapped due to the inclination of the uterus and can lead to tenderness in this region. This tenderness tends to inflame the back nerves and can lead to the problem of back pain. Other than back pain, there are some other tilted uterus symptoms which can create a problem for you. Pain during lovemaking is another aspect which needs to be considered. In case you experience a lot of pain while lovemaking then this could be due to a tilted uterus. Generally, the case of tilted uterus can be spotted when you experience a combination of such problems and you should consult your doctor at the earliest. Some tilted uterus treatment options are possible through simple physical activity and the efficacy of this treatment option would depend upon the condition of the tilted uterus in your body.


Even though the tilted uterus is a common condition amongst women, there can be some deep causes of tilted uterus too. These causes are related to problems, like endometriosis. This is a challenging condition and can bring about severe problems in pregnancy and can even lead to miscarriage. Therefore, you should identify the tilted uterus symptoms at the earliest and get them addressed through the help of your gynecologist.


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