LDH blood test

If your doctor feels that you are having high LDH levels he prescribes you the LDH blood test. Don’t worry it just takes few seconds to prick your finger with needle and have some amount of blood for LDH test. LDH is the name of an isoenzyme found in your blood called Lactate dehydrogenase. This test is a measure of amount of damage in tissues of an individual. Tissue damage might be because of illness you recently had. It can also give measurement of progression of any tissue damage.  Further this test is used to check Hemolytic anemia, a case when your RBCs are under jeopardy.  But this test must be followed with other tests to confirm the doctor’s doubt. High LDH levels of blood is said to be associated with kidney, liver or RBC diseases since the high levels of rdw or other causes. But doctors suggest not undergoing test just after exercising because normally after exercise there are certain damaged tissues in the body. But they suggest having rest before test.

Before LDH blood test the short-sleeve shirt is suggested to wear. LDH is present in sufficient amount in normal person. But during tissue damage the amount increases beyond the normal level in the blood. Heart attack, liver damage, cancer, fractures, and even HIV increases the LDH content which is tested in this test. By detecting the amount of LDH in your body doctors can diagnose the severity and location of tissue damage.

LDH is found in almost all body parts but blood level is quite low. This is the basic principle behind LDH blood test because after tissue damage your blood will contain more amount of LDH. This isoenzyme performs one very important function in your body; it is required for converting food into usable amount of energy in your body. It uses glucose from our food to convert into energy. This process is called cellular respiration. Different body parts have different amount of LDH heart has LDH-1 isoenzyme, LDH-2 in reticular system, 3 in lung,  4 in kidneys , 5 in muscles. Doctors have named isoenzyme differently to have differentiation between their content. So whenever your doctor calls you or your child for LDH test don’t panic it’s just a regular blood test. Some doctors also advice you to stop certain medicines before test follow the doctors instruction and have safe LDH test.

LDH is a lactic acid that is also an important and competent enzyme that found in our all of the body. The amount of these enzymes requires in the blood should be in a normal amount because these are things that should be in a balance manner. It is acceptable that there should be a balanced amount of everything in our body but the amount of this acid is also strictly balance requires, its imbalance amount can cause the death of a person. It does not take to the sudden death but it cause many type of steady things that cause at the end the death. Its role in the life of any average human is much important we can estimate its importance by the above lines. The location and the birth place of these enzymes are the tissues of human these enzymes exist in the tissues of a person. The best action and the role in the life of human that is performed by this enzyme is the generation of the energy by converting the glucose from the foods, meals, and other things that we eat.

It helps in respiration that is the most important event of the human body and that is the required for life. Its respiration and it helps in the cellular related respiration. The normal condition of the LDH is that its quantity in the blood should be low because it lowers quantity does not effect negatively but its excess quantity can cause different type of life risky things. The amount of the LDH increases when our tissues become damage due to the injury in our body and due to any other such type of situations. The enzymes from the tissues are spread more than the normal quantity and that cause many life damaging. There are many diseases that are the reason of the death due to these enzymes. Most of the people who owned the world are involved in the activity of the LDH blood test for amount of these enzymes due to their so much importance in the life of average person.

There is a great list of the worse illnesses and diseases that cause by these enzymes, those all diseases are due to the excessive amount of the enzymes in blood. If you have faced by some type of tissue injury the enzymes amount will raise and it can cause heart attack.

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