Nose Sore Remedies

Why should we be concerned with nose sore remedies? Well, for starters, you may be as surprised as I was to know that it is estimated that over 50 million people suffer from cold sores in any given year. No wonder we are constantly in search of the very best cold sores treatments!

We’ve all had cold sores. Caused by the Herpes HSV1 virus and otherwise commonly known as the ‘fever blister’ they are pesky little things which hand around for a week or two, make an unsightly mess of your face and they hurt you in the process as well as wreaking havoc with your social life.

There are some fantastic remedies for sores in nose which are featured on the web site but there are also some fairly good medicines which you can use which work with varying degrees of success. In this post we review those medicines.

Firstly there’s Denavir cream made by Novartis. Hygiene is really important while you have cold sores and while you are applying a cream such as this so that the virus does not spread across your face and nose. The cream is meant to be applied two hourly for 4 days. If you make sure to wash your hands thoroughly after applying the cream you will greatly reduce your risk of spreading the sores. The active ingredient in this cream is penciclovir and a side effect which some experience is dry flaky skin.

Probably one of the best known of all sores remedies is Zovirax. Of the prescription medicines this is the big daddy of them all. It comes in tablet form and as a cream. You need to be careful to exercise the same good hygiene as mentioned earlier in this article to avoid spreading of the sores. It is probably the best of the prescription medicines on the market in our opinion.

But you need also be aware that there are natural remedies which are available and we have researched them all and on this site we highlight the very best of them in ‘cold sore free forever’ and ‘the cold sore treatment’. As the remedy goes, these programs not only fight the sores but help you deal with the root cause of the virus.

Of the two our personal favourite is probably cold sore free forever which is both one hundred percent natural and contains no potentially harmful ingredients as some of the prescription drugs can. What I love about it is that it explores the relationships between the ph levels or acidity in your body and looks at ways of increasing the oxygen supply in your blood all of which will naturally help you fight off infections.

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