Quick Meatless Monday Menu Ideas

The entire concept of Meatless Monday is not something which on the face of it will appeal to everyone. You may be one of the many who thinks that a meal without meat is a meal without quality, taste or substance. While this can often be true, there are many ways in which you can […]

An Excellent Restaurant in the little French Town of Honfleur

Before visiting Honfleur, Normandy, for the day I looked at a French review website to see if there were any reviews of restaurants in the town. All I found, however, was a piece of advice that recommended avoiding the restaurants on the waterfront, which it described as ‘tourist traps’, and seeking out a restaurant in […]

What to do with just a Bagel

It’s lunch time. You’re at home and looking through the cabinets for something to eat when all of a sudden you come across a bagel. Now that’s certainly interesting, but you stop and wonder. What could you possibly do with a bagel for lunch? Well the answer is plenty of things. A bagel is much […]

New England Boiled Dinner is a well Rounded Meal

A New England boiled dinner is a one-pot meal where the meat and vegetables are simmered on the stove. It is a traditional meal that is served by many people around St. Patrick’s Day, however, it’s also a great meal served at any time of the year. Origins of the New England boiled dinner The […]

Are the most expensive restaurants in the world worth their price tags? – Yes

The most expensive restaurants in the world are certainly worth their hefty price tags. But not for everyone. For some people, an expensive restaurant is a waste. Let me give an example. My father, God rest his dear, departed soul, was a philistine. Okay, actually a Filipino, but that’s beside the point. He grew up […]

Where to Eat in Winnipeg

Winnipeg is the capital and the largest city in Manitoba. More than 60% of the province‚Äôs population lives in greater Manitoba. The population is as diverse as the cuisine that you will find there. There are plenty of great restaurants covering a variety of ethnic traditions. No matter what you are craving, chances are you […]

A look at what Makes North Carolina Barbecue different

Barbecue is a popular style of food in the United States, although not all regions define “barbecue” in the same fashion. There are several styles including, Kansas City, Memphis, Texas, Carolina, Alabama and St. Louis, to name a few. Carolina barbecue has certain distinguishing attributes that set it different from other styles. Most notable perhaps […]

Silver Spur Steakhouse Disney

The Silver Spur Steakhouse is located in Frontierland in the Disneyland Park Paris.  This area of the park is themed along the lines of the Wild West and this restaurant fits right in with the theming and is designed as a Western saloon club.  The outside looks brilliant with a painted wooden facade and railings […]

Restaurant Rolo Cabeco De Vide Portugal

Restaurante Rolo is one of the most romantic restaurants in the Alentejo. Probably because the restaurant is housed in an old railway station in Cabeco de Vide; a sleepy part of the Alentejo region except in the month of July when gastronomical festivals are  in full swing.Trains no longer rumble through, carrying people or cargo […]

Restaurant Reviews Hotel Neiburgs Riga Latvia

Hotel Neiburg Restaurant Decor/Ambience The decor of the place is very modern and very cosy and comfortable. The walls were light sage green in colour and the floors are laminated wooden tiled which appeared very clean and tidy. On the walls of the restaurant were really nice yet expensive pieces of art deco paintings which […]