The Ugly Orange Tongue Coating

The ugly orange tongue coating can be a reason for embarrassment for several people and removing it is the first priority of many. The presence of a yellow color tongue not only makes your oral hygiene poor but it also leads to bad breath and several other problems. In a nutshell, a yellow tongue is taken to be an unclean tongue and can be a host to several types of bacteria. Therefore, it is important for you to take care of this condition at the earliest and make sure that any related problems are automatically removed. Here are some problems which might exist due to the orange color tongue and the ways through which this problem can be cured.


The diagnosis of a yellow tongue is extremely important as this could be a big reason which could reflect several other problems. The simplest cause of a yellow tongue can be the buildup of dead skin cells. Since our tongue is prone to this, you might find that the yellow tongue that you have is due to a lack of cleaning in this region. Further, yellow tongue can also be caused when the person is dehydrated and does not drink enough water in a hot weather. Apart from these simple reasons, the yellow tongue can also be caused due to an infection in our mouth. This kind of yeast infection is caused when the protein breaking bacteria in our mouth become inactive or are removed due to some reasons. The absence of these bacteria leads to the growth of other bacteria, known as Candida, which leads to an infection. The yellow tongue is a sign of infection in your mouth and you should take active steps to take care of this condition. Further, the yellow tongue can be an aftereffect of several diseases, like jaundice and you need to make sure that you take care of these problems through the proper treatment methods.

Yellow Tongue & HIV

The infection that we just talked about is known as thrush, which is known to give a yellow tongue to people. You would find that thrush can arise when the body immunity is lowered due to problems like HIV or jaundice. In such cases, the yellow tongue coating is a symptom of something deep and you should work towards eradicating the main culprit here.


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