What are the various blood test abbreviations?

The above mentioned were the most commonly used abbreviations in the blood testing lab.


Normally when you enter into the blood test room, you just hand over the slip given by your doctor to the pathologist over there and you can see that there are various groups of letters or abbreviations that you will not understand normally, these are the abbreviated letters for the various blood tests at the lab. The lab will conduct the test and you can see many of the results and the test name in abbreviated form.

Blood test abbreviations:

Some of the common abbreviations that are normally used for the blood test are the following:

  • CBC – this refers to the complete blood test count
  • BMP – this refers to basic metabolic panel (this is the test that shows the level of sodium, calcium, bicarbonate, carbon dioxide, chloride, glucose, creatinine and blood urea nitrogen level inside the body)
  • RBC – the number of red blood cells
  • LDL – this means low density lipoprotein
  • HDL – this refers to high density lipoprotein
  • CRP – this is the C reactive protein test
  • HCT – test for hematocrit
  • HGB – this is the test for hemoglobin count
  • WBC – the number of white blood cells
  • MCV – mean corpuscular volume
  • ALT – alanine transaminase
  • AST – Alanine aminotransferase
  • ANA – antinuclear antibody
  • BAC – blood alcohol concentration
  • BNP – Beta natriuretic peptide (test for heart failure congestive)
  • BUN – blood urea nitrogen ( test for kidney functioning)
  • CBC – complete blood test (both RBC and WBC)
  • CA – test for calcium level in blood
  • CR – creatinine (part of test for kidney functioning)
  • CK- creatinine phosphokinase ( muscle damage test)
  • ESR – erythrocyte sedimentation rate ( inflammation test)
  • HCT – hematocrit ( division of CBC test)
  • INR – international normalized ratio (test for blood clotting)
  • K – potassium (to check the level of potassium in the blood)
  • Mg – magnesium ( to check the magnesium level)
  • Na – sodium
  • PSA – prostate specific antigen (test for prostate cancer)
  • Trig – part of test for cholesterol checking – triglygerides
  • TSH – test for thyroid – thyroid stimulating hormone

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