When Good Knees Go Bad

If you read How Healthy Knees Work, then you have a good idea of how knees are supposed to function. When everything is working right, there is no pain, but what about when good knees go bad?

Well, then you usually have pain. Pain is a signal that something is wrong and you need to deal with it. As much as we don’t like pain, it is better to be able to get the signal and confront the issue, than to live in oblivion, allowing a negative health condition to become worse, until the consequences become severe, or even life threatening.

If you are experiencing consistent pain in your knees or anywhere else, you should visit your doctor or other appropriate licensed health professional in order to obtain a proper medical advice diagnosis. The pain may be a result of a physical injury, or it could stem from a disease like rheumatoid arthritis.

Whatever the cause of your knee pain, there will usually be inflammation and often, some swelling. There may be issues with ligaments, tendons, muscles and bones. Your doctor may instruct you to stay off your feet for a while. For some injuries, you may need to be in a cast. In some instances, specific physical therapy, possibly including, but not limited to, massage, can be helpful.

Unfortunately, in all too many instances, doctors have come to rely on pain pills to mask the pain of their patients, without ever doing anything to alleviate the conditions that create the knee pain symptoms. For instance, even though the evidence is overwhelming that certain foods, herbs and supplements can help people suffer less from the effects of arthritis, there are not many doctors who will give you this powerful information. Sadly, they are not taught it as part of their medical education.

Pain medication can take a severe toll on your health. It can lead to organs shutting down, and the need for surgery. Pain drugs create millions of debiliating addictions, ruining the lives of their victims, and they also kill millions of people, outright.

Clearly, the world is in need of alternatives to drugs when it comes to dealing with pain. The owner of this little website has found two wonderful alternatives for dealing with most types of pain.

1) Real Time Pain Relief

2) EFT, Emotional Freedom Technique.

I had a pain in my right elbow any time I picked up something weighing as little as 10 pounds. I had this condition for 20 years. A half hour of EFT work took it away, and I have not had it since in four years.

EFT is a kind of self administed needle-less acupuncture, combined with a specific type of affirmation, in which you consciously accept that things are currently the way they are. Instead of using needes, you merely tap on the areas the needles would go, while stating your affirmations. You can find tons of video demonstations on YouTube and other websites.

I’ve tried EFT on some things without getting results, but that might be because I need to do more work on those issues. (I think I got spoiled with the 30 minute results on my first try.)

I suggest always trying EFT on your pain areas because it is free. Then if you need to spend money for pain relief, so be it, but if you can get it taken care of for free, why wouldn’t you?

This is not a suggestion to boycott your doctor. It is advice to try to find alternatives to the poisonous drugs she is in all likelihood going to try to push on you. Remember: all drugs come with side effects and they don’t solve your health issues. They tend to make them worse.

Plus you doctor could be getting “perks” for prescribing certain brands of pain killers. To many people this is shocking news, but it’s common place and we should all be aware of this. In fact, your doctor might even own stock in the company whose pills she peddles. (Not all doctors are like this, but, sadly, way too many are.)

The first alternative to deadly pain medication that I mentioned above, but did not elaborate upon yet, is the best topical homeopathic pain relief product I have ever experienced. It often gets results in less than a minute. You can visit the content by clicking here for hyperextended pain symptoms.

When I first went there I was intrigued by all the testimonials, including audio clips where the sincerity in their voices is apparent. Yes, I am aware of all the fraudulent claims that are made on the Internet, but there is a very genuine feel to those testimonials. My intuition told me this was probably the real deal, and it warranted hands on investigation.

Since they let you order samples for next to nothing, it was a no brainer. I just clicked on SHOP and then TRYING IS BELIEVING and they came in the mail in a few days. I got results within minutes for my knee pain, and I gave samples to some friends and family members who were all in pain. Everyone reported glowing results.

Some of the results, have simply blown me away. One of my personal favorites that I could barely believe, is when I had a tootchache. Normally, I mix salt in luke warm water and swish it around in my mouth. It works incredibly well, except possibly for when you have a cracked tooth that is causing the tooth pain.

Well, I did not have any salt, so I rubbed some Real Time Pain Relief on the outside of my cheek, and within seconds my cheek and then jaw started feeling warm. Within about a minute the toothache left and did not come back.

Since I was putting it on the outside of the cheek, I didn’t really expect results. I could spend a lot of time telling you many other stories from my experience and those of people I know and people they shared it with, but the bottom line is you won’t know it’s for real until you personally experience it.

For as little as under three bucks (American) there is nothing stopping you. But, if you need to know the specifics of the ingredients and the mechanics of how it works, comparing it to the way pain medication works, then go to the website and hover over ABOUT (and then) LEARN ABOUT REAL TIME PAIN RELEF, and read every page in the drop down menu.

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