Yellow Diarrhea

The health of a person can be determined by a lot of tell tale signs. The discoloration of a person’s skin, fingernails or eyeballs may hint of something medically wrong with a person. The yellowing of the skin, fingernails and eyeballs may indicate a person suffering from hepatitis. Even the color of your poop or feces may tell you that you are suffering from a medical condition. Normal human poop color is brown. When you have yellow diarrhea, it may be that you have a medical condition known as steatorrhea. This article will give you an overview of what steatorrhea or yellow diarrhea is about.

Comparing to green diarrhea, yellow diarrhea is a condition in which a person excretes loose, yellow liquefied fecal matter for long periods of time. It normally occurs when small intestines are not able to absorb fat from ingested food. The yellow color is due to the fat droplets within the stool. A clear sign of steatorrhea or yellow diarrhea is when you have yellowish stool floating in your toilet pan. The causes or factors that are responsible for the occurrence of yellow diarrhea may be classified into three groups namely: intra-luminal causes, small bowel causes, and extra-luminal causes.

Intra-luminal causes of yellow stool are attributed to the conditions found within the cavity of the small bowel or small intestines. The diet of a person may be classified as an intra-luminal cause. If a person is taking food supplements that interfere with fat absorption, then this person will have a higher chance of having yellow diarrhea. Slimming pills such as Xenical, Benecol and Cholestyramine act as fat binders which means that these pills bind to the fat and preventing the small intestines to absorb them. Another intra-luminal cause of yellow diarrhea is the excessive growth of harmful bacteria growing inside the small intestines. These harmful bacteria interfere with the proper absorption of nutrients.

Small bowel causes refer to the causes of yellow poop affecting the linings of the small intestines. Crohn’s Disease, Celiac Disease and Lymphoma are some of the diseases that affect the small intestines causing a person to suffer yellow diarrhea. Some of these diseases may cause chronic yellow diarrhea. If you are suffering from prolonged yellow diarrhea, you must consult your doctor immediately.

Extra-luminal causes of yellow stool refer to the factors outside the small bowel that may attribute to yellow diarrhea symptoms. Some extra-luminal causes of yellow diarrhea may include pancreatic insufficiency (condition where the pancreas do not produce enough enzymes to help with fat absorption) and biliary obstruction (a condition where the bile ducts are block by obstructions such as gallstones or strictures.

The color of fecal matter of a person may differ from day to day depending on his or her diet. However, a yellow diarrhea is a clear indication that something is medically wrong within that person’s body and consulting a doctor should be made immediately. So if you have not started it yet, it is time to check the color of your poop regularly.

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